Student Assessment

Create student assessments the easy way and have the results on the fly.


With the fast growing technological devices in our community, MACGRADE chose to put those devices into our advantage. From tablets to laptops, most of our households have one, and with this age we don't want to be left behind especially in terms of education.

In MACGRADE, you can create an assessment activity for your class through the Activity module with different assessment types to choose from. Plain text, images, and videos are supported. Activities can be used as a quiz or an exam if you opt to have this done online for your students. You can also assign activities as homeworks and have your students turn it in before the due date. All turn-ins will be automatically computed on the said due date and will automatically be included in the gradebook if it is a weighted activity.

Class Gradebook

Generate the gradebook automatically once all activities have been turned in. Final grade is computed based on the grading options set once a class is created.

Assessment Options

Creation of activity with different options to choose from -- Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, etc.

Weighted Activities

Define which activities will be included in the computation of the class grade or simply inherit from the school settings.