About Us

kenredzen is a family-owned business registerd under Ma. Maribel Cerrada in the year 2015. It has been a long time dream to create something personally for the family without the boundaries and through what we do best - Software Development.

We at kenredzen is very thankful for our families who have been supportive on our journey and who have made it possible for us to continue with this path. Without them we could have never survive such turbulent times in our lives.

Our goal is to create a future for our children and contribute to the betterment of all children...

Who We Are

The name is from the children's first names - Ken Ryuuki, Red Caleb, and Zen Renesmee - who are the true treasures of our life.

We only offer what we're particularly good at and these are website design, software development, website hosting and maintenance. We are currently creating our own software product which will be a school subscription for an online grading system with learning management for an affordable price any parent would be willing to invest for their child.

We have more than 10 years experience in custom software development for a variety of industries and we have done a number of business process automation for the years in service.

Our vision is to enable children achieve their full potential through process automation and online collaboration with the growing availability of media devices and internet connections which with the right applications, we maximize what it simply offered to the community.

Our mission is to help the community achieve its goals for each and everyone's education and allow everyone to participate and be a mentor to one another.

Our Expertise

  • .Net Development with C#
  • Bootstrap and Angular JS
  • Microsoft SQL